The Why

Why do this in a nutshell:
Because I can.  And so can you!  Really, it’s all about priorities in life.  I’m choosing to sell all my belongings, cut my my monthly expenses in half, live and work tiny and make exploring and photographing North America my priority.

The non-nutshell version:
As some of you may know, I’ve spent a lot of time living out of a backpack or suitcase in various countries.  And, as much as I’ve loved my adventures, it always feels great when I get back home.  Home… where I can kick my feet up and take my bra off, pour a glass of wine, and read a good book without anyone bothering me.  Home… where I can punch my old feather pillow into just the right shape, and my favorite foods are right there in the fridge.

In other words, I’m an adventurous homebody.  I want adventure, and I want to be home.  So, how perfect is it to be able to take my home with me as I explore?  And living tiny… well, that’s all relative.  90 square feet is so much bigger than a back pack!

I first started thinking about living tiny when the TV show “Tiny House Nation” came out.  It’s a reality series about people opting to live in tiny homes for various reasons like budget, reduced carbon footprint, mobility, etc.  I’d watch the shows and say, “I could do that!”.   There’s something so freeing and liberating about getting rid of things and pairing down to a simple life.  I liked the idea of lessening my bills, and being able to travel while still being home.

A travel trailer seems like the most logical step, allowing me to explore and photograph this beautiful North American continent.  As crazy as it seems to some, to me it seems crazy not to do this.


2 thoughts on “The Why

  1. barb

    You are going to get tired of my comments. I would love fulltiming.but am unable to pare down the stuff to the degree needed. One of my other passions is gardening…I have lived 24 years in my home and there is no grass…I back a ravine and have a park beside me. I get to be a guardian of the land and not pay taxes on the property. My son has an apartment in the basement..and I am in the process of looking into making a formal apartment on one of my other 2 levels to help pay for my adventures. My initial goal was to get to Tucson…I was there 3.5 months. Because of Minnie I did not tour as much as I wanted…but I was also really involved in the studios…metal, lapidary, fused glass, native flute, photography etc It was a “safer taste” and I loved wandering back home to Ontario much more then the trip down where I wanted to get where I was going in one piece (and it was January…so half the area was not as hospitable as the journey home. My next goal/step is going longer(as much time as the US government and the Ontario health plan will allow) Then travelling in Canada in spring and fall. Enjoying my garden for 3-4 months. Ah perfect. My travelling companion is a 17 year old kitty named Cheech. He needs to be close to Mom. I have 2 other kitties I leave in the care of my son. Barb


  2. First of all – I appreciate the comments! Second – Reading your goals and plans, they sound perfect for you and your situation. We each need to do what works best for us and meets our own needs. Your home sounds beautiful; the perfect spot to come back to in-between travels. Maybe we’ll meet up one of these days on the road!


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