The Where

I’ll be posting a map of my travels here so that I can share my route as I go.  Check back often for updates!

In my travels, I’ve visited historic European architecture that’s brought me to tears; spent months backpacking from Egypt to south Africa, walking along side wild animals I’d only previously seen in zoos; enjoyed amazing curied food and scuba diving among manta rays in Asia; and camped and hiked in the outback, rain forests, and beaches of Australia.

Yet, I’ve never explored North America the way I’d like to.  I’ve never been to Yellowstone, or the Florida everglades.  I’ve never visited a Victorian home in South Carolina, seen the glaciers of Alaska, or eaten a pie baked by the Amish.  Sure, I’ve driven through a lot of states and even lived in California, Washington, Oklahoma, and Arizona.  But, I’ve barely sampled what’s in my own back yard.  Traveling through a place is nothing like stopping and seeing it as the locals do; learning about the culture, smells, and flavors.  I have an amazing continent right outside my doorstep, ready for me to explore, and that’s what I intend to do.


2 thoughts on “The Where

  1. barb

    I have never back-packed but have enjoyed some of the sites outside North America. I have also enjoyed car travel in al but 1 Canadian province and many states. I want to do more. Every where there are things to see. Barb


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