The When

Note: Original launch date was: March, 2016 *see updates below*

March, 2016 is the month I’ll go full time; full time living in my 17′ fiberglass travel trailer; full time on the road; full time adventurer.

As I write this, in August of 2015, March seems so far off.  But, there’s a lot to do.  I need to sell all my belongings, finish modifying my egg, and find an RV park to stay in my first month.  I’ll be easing into it by staying in Arizona the first month.  I want to enjoy the last of winter in Tucson before heading out.

The countdown has begun!

*UPDATE: November, 2015.  A speed-bump called cancer has been placed in my path that will push my launch date out a little further.  I’ll be posting about this unexpected journey as well as my Sarandipity travel preparations along the way.  I’m sure I’ll have a better idea of “The When” as time goes on.

*UPDATE: February, 2016.  Wonderful news.  I found out from my doctor that I’m cleared for travel July, 2016.  I no longer need to do the two year maintenance phase.  Originally I believed my treatments would span a 3 year period, but at this point it will be 9 months of chemo and then I’m done (other than followup visits for blood work).  You can read about it here: I’m a No Maintenance Gal


8 thoughts on “The When

  1. barb

    I stayed in Tucson at the Voyager RV resort. I think you would be one of the younger visitors as I am, but such a nice place. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. And the art studios…so much stimulation. I would introduce you to the place. I am really hoping to go again for 3-4 months…I stayed till mid April last year…the cactus flowers were amazing but that would likely be old hat for you. Then perhaps we could tour a bit together as I head home toward Toronto. Barb


  2. Ken Touring

    Hi Sata…..remember if you are over 65 to get a federal card from US
    Parks and you will get 50 percent of all federal camp grounds. Also
    you and all your passengers in your vehicle will have no charge
    admission to all Federal monuments etc.
    Hope this helps.
    God bless you and keep you safe.


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