The Gear

The Toad

Does a tow vehicle count as gear?  Well, when you don’t want to create a separate heading for it on your blog it does.  toyota landcruiser

My tow vehicle is a 2001 Toyota Landcruiser V8.  One of the reasons I chose the travel trailer I did was so that I could keep this gem of an SUV.  It’s rated to tow 6500 lbs. and my travel trailer is less than 4000 lbs. fully loaded so I’ve got it covered and then some.  Aside from my past Honda Fit that I loved, this is the second favorite vehicle I’ve owned.  Bear in mind I’m not a car aficionado so I focus on things like: are the seats comfy, is it fun to drive, is it functional (ie. do the seats fold down), is it reliable, does the A/C blow cold air, do I like how it looks, do I like how I look in it?  The answer: Yes to all!

Photography Gear

When it comes to my photography, I’m a true gear head.  I love it all and enjoy it all.  I tend to get bored quickly so I will vary the type of photography I do between portrait, nature and macro work.  Sure, I could do what I do with one camera body and a couple great lenses like the 24-70 and 70-200, but this is my passion in life and I drool a little when I open my camera bag and think about what I might play with that day.  If you have any questions about the following list, let me know!

1. Camera Bodies: Canon 5D Mark II (x2)
2. Lenses:
Canon 20mm 2.8
Canon 50mm 1.4
Canon 24-70mm 2.8L
Canon 70-200mm 2.8L IS
Sigma 105mm 2.8 macro
Canon 100-400mm 4.5-5.6L IS
3. Speedlites: Canon 580EXII (x2); Yongnuo 568EX
4. Yongnuo Radio Triggers YN622C (x4)
5. Light stands (x1)
6. Manfrotto tripod 190XPROB w/ 322RC2 trigger ball head
7. Yongnuo battery packs (x2)
8. Sekonic Light meter L-358
9. 40″ Reflective Umbrella Softboxes (x1)
10. Misc: LEE filter kit and Big Stopper; Cotton Carrier; Giant reflector; Lots of memory cards and Eneloop rechargeable batteries; Camera bags.

The Computer/Monitor

I spend a lot of time at the computer editing images, creating digital art, and writing.  It’s vital that I have both a great monitor and a powerful computer.  My plan is to rig one corner of my dinette sitting area to function as an office so I can continue to do my work while on the road.  My computer monitor, ASUS PB278Q 27-Inch Professional Graphics Monitor, is on an oscillating lever arm so that I can view it from different angles depending on where I am.  My computer was built for me to handle the tremendous memory needed for some of the programs I use.  More on the details of my computer will be posted later.


11 thoughts on “The Gear

  1. barb

    Your camera gear sounds amazing…I went to a Canon G12 a couple years ago. I could not travel with all the lens changing with the travelling I was doing at that time. I went on cruises and the group does not wait. My favorite subjects are flowers and other nature(especially macro) I am also a major rust fan and love things that show their age. eg. barns, rumbleshack houses…peeling paint…I also LOVE texture. Looking forward to seeing some of your images. Barb


  2. james norman

    What about your gear for the camper? Cookware, water containers, storage, spares? You will need a list.
    Keep your chin up, soon you will be camping.


    1. Absolutely! So much planning to do. I’m sure there will be gear I don’t need that I pack and gear I do need that I only learn about once I’m down the road… I think the Gear section of my blog will need an updated post.


  3. Santiago

    Hi Sara, been reading your story starting at the Escape Forum. I find you honest writing refreshing, thank you. I recognize your photo gear list minus the studio type flashes and associated components. My question to you is regarding your extensive travel. Did you carry full frame and L glass around the world ? If so, I imagine it had to be hard on you, although it is extremely suitable and versatile equipment.

    Love your site and your message.


    1. Hi Santiago. Thanks for the kind words. I did carry a full frame DSLR and a couple of L lenses. I had a camera/laptop backpack that didn’t shout camera bag and I wore it on my front and my backpack on my back. It was a lot of weight, and I probably looked a little strange sandwiched between two bags, but I’d rather give up some of my other items and have my favorite camera and lenses. I’ll be doing a trip to the UK in Sept. and plan on bringing my full frame and three lenses on that trip. This might not be the best choice for someone else but a lot of the reason I travel is to do photography.


  4. Santiago

    Hi Sara, no travelers usually look for lighter and more compact travel photo gear. Hence people at marvelous sites taking pics with phones and tablets ! What kills me is that so many feel compelled to be part of the photo with the beauty of the subject an afterthought in the background.

    I full well know the inconvenience of a 12 pound camera bag but that’s what it takes. Having said that – alternatives are available when travelling. What you lose in exceptional performance you gain in compactness and lighter weight with not much loss in quality. A bonus is not creating apprehension in locals when “pro” equipment is aimed their way. As you are aware, this is an issue when travelling and street interactions.

    I agree, travelling and photography go hand in hand.

    Take care, best to you.



  5. Hi Sara,
    I’m new to the RV world. Downsized years ago after a serious industrial accident.
    Not to pry but how do you cover your expenses. I’ve been a photographer for over 40 (cough) years but have found with IPhones and the advancement in digital gear the competition is brutal compared to what I accomplished when I used film. Also what is you preferred photo editing software. You are a true Inspiration and I feel fortunate to have found your site.


    1. Hi Rory. Thanks for the kind words. I’ve always travelled by making it my priority. I’m super frugal, a real tightwad, in other areas of my life so that my money can go towards travel. My one caveat to this is my camera gear. I allow myself to splurge there because… well, you know how that is! I recently bought a Thousand Trails membership which is a big reason why I’ll be able to afford to full-time. I need to get set up with solar so eventually boon docking will also help. Saving, investing, selling my home… this is such an economical way of life if you’re careful so I hope I can stretch this out for a long, long time.
      I wish you the very best!

      Oh, almost forgot to answer you editing question. My go to is Adobe Bridge and Photoshop. Photoshop has always has been a big part of my process. It’s an extremely powerful program that I absolutely love. In fact, I enjoy playing in post as much as doing the photography.


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