The Egg

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I can relate to the nursery rhyme, “There was an old woman that lived in a shoe.”  Except that I’ll live in an egg and I don’t think I’m old.  It goes on to say she had too many children, no food, beat them, and put them to bed.  Sheesh, that’s awful!  But, the living in a shoe part… I get that.

Fiberglass campers are lovingly referred to as eggs by the RV community, because – well, that’s what they look like.  They are usually built out of two parts: a top and a bottom. These are created from a mold and then attached together around the middle. The benefits of this is there are very few parts meaning less leaks and maintenance, the fiberglass is light weight so towing them with a regular vehicle is possible, and their bubble shape is just too cute!

When I was first looking at which egg to buy, I researched several companies including Scamp, Casita, Escape, and Big Foot.  I fell in love with the floor plan of the Escape 17B model because it had a small dinette in the front that would function as a single, out of the way bed.  Escape 17bI learned that the company, Escape Trailer Industries out of BC, Canada, has a wonderful reputation for the quality of their builds. They fiberglass their unit together after joining the top and bottom sections so that it’s all one piece = less leaks, rivets, and maintenance.  They also use a foam vinyl on the inside that I preferred over the carpet walls in some of the other models.   The only problem was, where to find one?  I dreamed of finding a lovingly used 17′ model, but there aren’t that many produced each year and they rarely come up for sale.

Then Sarandipity happened.  In August, 2015, I came across the one and only used (a 2005) Escape trailer for sale in the U.S. at the time.  It just so happened to be the 17′ Plan B model I loved.  And it just so happened to be in the next city over from me.  And it  just so happened that the prior pending sale fell through, so it was mine for the buying!  Oh, and it just so happened it was exactly the price I had budgeted for a trailer.   Of course I had to name it “Sarandipity” after all that.

I’m in the process of making many modifications to my new-to-me egg.  Talk about a huge learning curve!  Thankfully, there are several forums I can turn to for help.  There’s a great community forum of Escape trailer owners and fiberglass RV owners, that are willing to jump in and answer the silly questions I ask like “How does a rivet and rivet gun work?”  My first project is a grab handle by the door.  But bigger things are in the works.  I’m replacing the air conditioner with a stronger unit, changing the large dinette into a u-shaped one with a smaller table (I like to lounge), redoing the counter tops and fridge face with real copper sheeting, painting the interior, reupholstering the cushions, and just generally making it homey and organized!  Pictures to come as I complete my projects!

UPDATE: Jan. 2016 – Inside Sarandipity renovations are complete.  See my blog post here for loads of fun pictures and information on all the changes I’ve made.  Here’s a sneak peek:


UPDATE: June, 2016 – Outside Sarandipity renovations and restoration are complete.  See my blog post here for before and after pictures and a list of all the things done to make it look new and ‘unique to me’.  Here’s a sneak peek:

before after 1 copy





6 thoughts on “The Egg

  1. Hello Sara, I am preparing to go full-time in Aug. 2017 and am in the process of researching trailers, lightening my material possessions, and establishing a blog. I was struck by your choice of WordPress themes. I made the same selection. I am a graphic artist whose focus is cultural astronomy. My motivation will be seeking sites with truly dark skies, as I read, write, and draw. Escape looks like a good choice, but I don’t believe I will be able to afford their purchase price. We shall see when decision time arrives. I have just joined Fiberglass RV and am looking forward to some good input. Best wishes on you adventures.


    1. Hi John. What an exciting time for you! I remember when I first decided I wanted to go full time in a little rv. I loved everything about the research and planning. The Fiberglass RV forum was a huge help.
      We have much in common with the arts. I’d love to follow your blog. Send me a link when it’s up and running.


  2. Rebecca Lloyd

    Your “egg” looks great-inside and out! My husband and I purchased an Escape 21 and brought her home last December. We went with a totally white look – no graphics, white belly band. I never thought of adding paint. We haven’t traveled much yet. I am hoping we are on a 18 month journey to retirement. Looking forward to being on the road. My husband is a photographer as well. He never runs out of landscape to shoot when we’re traveling. I wish you peace and health so you can continue to enjoy nature as well. Have enjoyed reading through your blog.


    1. Congrats on your egg! That’s exciting. I bet the solid white looks nice. One of the things I’m most excited about with the travel is doing my photography. I’m sure you and your husband will have amazing adventures, camera in hand.


  3. Hello Sara
    My partner and I are from Canada and we have just returned from a rented trailer adventure for 2 months through 19 of the United States. We are smitten! We are now in the process of choosing a trailer to purchase. This is how we found your blog and I am very impressed with how you updated your Escape. Now Serenditously (or Sarandipitously ) I am also updating a small bathroom at my cottage and have been looking at copper jelly pans to use as the sink, just as you have! I thought is was my idea! I was hoping you could share with me how you handled the drain? Installing a traditional flange would leave a high spot and interfere with full drainage.

    I am very moved by your story in your blog. My late husband died with cancer 8 years ago and I am still finding my feet. I admire your courage with your own battle . I wish you continued happy adventure .

    Sharon Turner


    1. Hi Sharon. Thanks for the kind words! As far as the copper sink, there wasn’t anything special done. Just a hole drilled out the size of the sink drain and then a plumber was called and hooked me up. There wasn’t a high spot created by the flange so I’m not sure about that for you. Best of luck!


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