There’s more than one way to tell a story…

It's dark when I pull into my garage.  In an effort to make only one trip inside, I grab my purse, coffee mug, cell phone, and a large box full of borrowed treasures.  Yiska jumps and dances around me, excited to be let in as I rest the box on my hip and drop my mug … Continue reading There’s more than one way to tell a story…

Doing a 365 Challenge (again)

This is my second 365 photography project.  I did one in 2014 and it was the best thing I've done to grow my skills and feed my soul.  Being creative each day is my form of meditation and I walk away from an art piece feeling rejuvenated.  In 2016, I thought I was ready to attempt … Continue reading Doing a 365 Challenge (again)

Emerging and the Pacific NW

"Emerging", a self portrait by Sara Therese A butterfly flits across my path and I catch my breath. Then, another appears and they dance the joy of free spirits. Souls entwined in a moment that is both fleeting and forever. “I’ve missed you,” I whisper, before they are gone. *** The butterfly is a symbol … Continue reading Emerging and the Pacific NW

Finding Oneself Again

I create. It’s who I am. I’m most content when I’m sitting at my computer editing images, or spreading watercolor paints on paper and watching the colors meld, or drawing with charcoal pencils, smearing and feathering the shadows with my fingers. It’s my own wonderful form of meditation; time has no meaning, sounds fade away, … Continue reading Finding Oneself Again

3/52 Self-Portrait Photography Challenge

Mundane and vanity driven selfie alert:  I created this image simply because I wanted a natural, happy photo of myself for using as my profile pic on some social media sites like Facebook.  Most of my selfies from last year looked too serious.  I figure I've got 49 more chances to be artistic and deep and creative … Continue reading 3/52 Self-Portrait Photography Challenge