I Ordered Fish and Got a T-bone.

I wiggle and shimmy the wooden box into the opening, and in the end, my son’s ashes fit snuggly inside my olive colored purse. It’s Valentine’s Day, and the 13th angel-versary of his passing.  A few week’s ago my parents invited me to lunch with a casual, “and feel free to bring Shawn along” thrown …

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Yiska – Night Has Passed

I remember when Mr. & Mrs. Two-Legs came for me, just as my Mama said they would. *** “You must look hard, my children, and they will come. You’re own special humans. You’ll know it is them because they will love you like no other two-leggeds and will invite you to follow them to distant places.” …

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Finding Oneself Again

I create. It’s who I am. I’m most content when I’m sitting at my computer editing images, or spreading watercolor paints on paper and watching the colors meld, or drawing with charcoal pencils, smearing and feathering the shadows with my fingers. It’s my own wonderful form of meditation; time has no meaning, sounds fade away, …

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