There’s more than one way to tell a story…

It’s dark when I pull into my garage.  In an effort to make only one trip inside, I grab my purse, coffee mug, cell phone, and a large box full of borrowed treasures.  Yiska jumps and dances around me, excited to be let in as I rest the box on my hip and drop my mug trying to open the door.

Thankful for my huge kitchen island, I start unpacking the box and drink in the organic, vanilla smell of old books: Don Quixote, Elements of Astronomy, American Practical Navigator… Then come the little treasures: a pocket compass, opera glasses, brass bell; each piece borrowed from my father’s desk.  I envision how I can stage them on my own desk in the morning, and what story the image might tell.  My thoughts race.

I’ll focus on the opera glasses and compass and light them separately.  They represent an old man’s adventures and appreciation for the arts; the books are supporting actors, telling the many stories of a life well-lived.


As I crawl into bed there’s a whirl of fur and movement before two paws land on my chest.  Quickly, Yiska digs his nose under my wrist, flipping my arm onto his head for a scratch.  I relent, using both hands to give him loves.  I enjoy our time while I can, knowing he won’t stay.   He prefers his own bed on the floor.


“Treasures on a Desk” Day 58/365; Collection: Still Life; Technique: Light Painting


I share the short story above because I wanted to give a little peek into the process of creating my daily images.  They don’t just happen… and I’m glad.  I’d get bored if they did.  There’s usually some thought given to what I’ll shoot next and why.  At the end of January I shared a post about doing a 365 Photography Challenge, which also incorporates 52 weeks of Saturday Self-Portraits.   But, not using quick snaps is where the ‘challenge’ part comes in.  The only time I use my cell phone is for a panic shot on a day that’s unusual.  February had some unusual days (more on that in an upcoming post), which is the reason for less than 28 images in my collage.  I’ve saved the cell phone images for my  next blog post.

So… how do I feel about this project now that I’m two months in?

I’m happy:

  • I’ve stuck with it and haven’t missed a day.
  • most images are executed with a plan – I’ve tried to set a mood, or tell a story with each one.
  • I’m finding my photography groove again and trying to ‘up my game’ with the quality of the final product.
  • I’ve ventured out of my comfort zone with some of the subjects (cactus and self-portraits).
  • I’ve focused on creating cohesive collections (flowers, cactus, self-portraits, still-life).

I’m working on:

  • continuing to build certain collections – I couldn’t stick with cactus an entire month because I felt uninspired after a few weeks.  But, they’ll be blooming soon so I can add more images later.
  • I haven’t mastered some of the post processing techniques I want (I’m at the experimental phase with digital painting – searching for my own technique and style).

February’s images:


My Saturday Self-Portraits:


For those of you that aren’t interested in photography/art, but would like to know what else is happening in Sara’s world: don’t you worry.  I’ll be ‘spilling the beans’ this month on the other events that kept me busy in February.  Teaser: my beloved Toyota Landcruiser was T-boned!


15 thoughts on “There’s more than one way to tell a story…

  1. Ken Touring

    Well you caught me….
    At first, I thought you were looking through glass. Hmmmm that wasn’t right !
    Then it dawned on me, you were holding a drawing/painting of yourself
    In front of your face to match up with your hair, dress, etc. Well done!!!
    YISKA…lucky to have you and you lucky to have Yiska.
    I’m blown away with all your talent. There is no stopping you. The whole
    world is available to you. You have many stories to tell and pictures to take.
    Be happy.


  2. Cinandjules

    Wow! I love it! ALL of it! Amazing and talented! Treasures on a desk is very rich! The self portraits are cool and so lifelike!

    Oh no! TBoned doesn’t sound promising for the Landcruiser!


  3. There’s no rut in your “travels.” Thinking about your Blog: There is more than one way to travel, also. Each new entry is a new “traveling” experience unlimited by a trailer or a LandCruser. I do belive that when you are a hundred years old, you will still be traveling with new adventures, new pictures, new stories. Thanks for inviting us along,


  4. Margaret Ann Adams

    I especially love your blog this time–Sara touching up Sara as Sara photographs Sara and photo of Sara “looking through” the looking glass my favorites.. I love your story-telling and metaphors. The objects in the still life remind me of similar objects in my grandparent’ home. I love knowing something of your creative process in order to achieve the images you want.
    Sending love and hugs to you, Margaret Ann


  5. Donna McFarland

    Love love love your beautiful photo’s, your stories, insights and perspectives. So wonderful to have found you!! xoxoxo


  6. Linda Artley

    Wonderful blog as always, Sara! You and Yiska are quite the pair together no matter what you are doing! Looking forward to more Adventures of Sara and Yiska!


  7. Kelly Alden

    As always, reading your blog is a joy, and seeing your unique, innovative art is exciting and inspiring! So happy you have found your artistic spirit intact and soaring! ❤Kelly


  8. Darcy H Lynch

    Your artwork is just beautiful! So talented at painting and photography! Excited to see the food photos. And it was great meeting you 🙂 Darcy


  9. Linda Kaplan

    As a volunteer at the Cancer Center in Tucson, I was so very lucky to meet you and get a chance to chat with you. Thank you for letting me be part of your blog. You are an inspiration to all who know you. Your photography and art work are amazing. What a talent. Cannot wait to read more.


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