Doing a 365 Challenge (again)

This is my second 365 photography project.  I did one in 2014 and it was the best thing I’ve done to grow my skills and feed my soul.  Being creative each day is my form of meditation and I walk away from an art piece feeling rejuvenated.  In 2016, I thought I was ready to attempt some new challenges.  One of them was to do a weekly self-portrait and another was to share one image a week, along with a story or update, to my blog.  Well… if you look back at my entries, you’ll see it didn’t happen.  I wasn’t ready and life was still too challenging.  But, the desire to integrate creativity and art into my daily life was there, just under the surface.

After giving myself time to heal and quietly process what has happened these past few years it was time for a plan.  I spent the last 3 months of the year gearing myself up emotionally and mentally, and organizing my approach.  My goal: to do a “365 Fine Art Image a Day for One Year” (2017).  I took what I’d learned from my past 365 and made some changes.  The biggest one being that I would establish monthly themes in order to build collections of images.  I would also incorporate a self-portrait each Saturday.  This would give me a cohesive body of work at the end of the year that would demonstrate my style and interests as an artist.

I chose not to share this adventure on my blog until I could show I would be successful this time around.  I’m thankful to say, January has gone well and I feel as committed as ever to continue on to February.


For those that are interested in the technique of the images I’ve created: these are ‘light painted’.  I set up a dark room and used a long exposure while painting on the light with a small flashlight.  I post-processed them in both Photoshop and Corel Painter, where I used digital oil paintbrushes to paint the images, adding texture, brush strokes, and color, much like the traditional painting process I do on canvas.

Here are my Saturday Self-Portrait images for January.  I used to have a very hard time  being in front of the camera but as time goes on, it gets easier and more fun.

Has anyone else set challenges, or goals for this year and been successful thus far?


19 thoughts on “Doing a 365 Challenge (again)

  1. Margaret Ann Adams

    Hi, Sara–I am continuing my weekly journal, called “And Furthermore . . .and my monthly “Inspirations.” I feel good that I haven’t missed a week or a month since I started. During some hard times, for my journal I sent photos instead of writing, and I sent them on time. I am appreciating your photos, knowing nothing about the various processes you use. And your self-photos are interesting, as time goes on. Thank you. Margaret Ann


  2. Dawn Eshelman

    These images are stunning, Sara!

    I’ve had Corel Painter for some time now, but have never used it ;(

    Any tips or suggestions?

    Thanks for sharing your amazing talent!


    On Tue, Jan 31, 2017 at 3:16 PM, Sarandipity Travels wrote:

    > Sarandipity Travels posted: “This is my second 365 photography project. I > did one in 2014 and it was the best thing I’ve ever done to grow my skills, > but also it was good for my soul. Being creative each day is my form of > meditation and I always walk away feeling rejuvenated. So w” >


    1. Thanks, Dawn! I taught myself Corel Painter by watching video’s online and then just playing with images and brushes (much like how you probably learned Photoshop). There are some great free videos on Youtube. I’d start there.


  3. jim

    “one day at a time” except in your case, one year at a time….good luck. How is the camper living working out and do you intend to travel to any rallies?


  4. Beautiful and inspiring! I’ve been feeling creatively challenged, i.e., empty, for several months now. Your post is the extra spark I needed to get going again. Thanks for that!!! Flowers have been on my mind lately, and yours are exquisite!

    Pushing myself, I completed photographing my second still life light-painting in my studio yesterday. My way of working involves photographing and light painting many separate parts of the image, then working with them in layers in Photoshop, so the real work is only about to begin. I was planning on using Corel, too, but I’m so rusty on it I will be using a lot of Command Z. 😉


    1. Sara, it surprises me to hear you’ve been in a creative funk. Everything I see you post (on FB) is spectacular! I love that you’re doing still-life light painting work too. I can’t wait to see it! Thanks for the lovely comment, my friend.


  5. Kelly Alden

    Sara, you inspire me! Your photographs are so lovely. They make me feel serene… And you look gorgeous! So happy to hear from you and see that you are back in the game! ❤Kelly


  6. Kathy

    Hi Sara,

    Your flower images are gorgeous! I’ve been a fairly serious amateur photographer for some time now and have often thought about doing a 365 project, but of course it’s also a daunting prospect! Currently I’m traveling around with my husband in our Escape 19 and, being inspired by your post, I’ve decided to do a mini-project. I’m going to take one photo a day while we’re on our trip, but will use my cell phone instead of my big dSLR. These will be little snapshots or vignettes of what it’s like to roam around in a little travel trailer for two and a half months Using my smart phone should make it more of a fun project and less of a serious undertaking, so I hope I can keep it up!


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