Emerging and the Pacific NW

“Emerging”, a self portrait by Sara Therese


A butterfly flits across my path and I catch my breath.

Then, another appears and they dance the joy of free spirits.

Souls entwined in a moment that is both fleeting and forever.

“I’ve missed you,” I whisper, before they are gone.


The butterfly is a symbol of the soul, change, creativity, freedom, and joy. Their power is transformation and soul evolution.


Oregon, Foggy Perfection

To my dear, faithful readers, who have been oh-so-patient while I quietly process the past year’s events:  I’m back and I’ll pick up where I left off, because there’s much to tell.

After leaving Shasta Lake, I faced my longest day of travel thus far; 430 miles north to Pacific City RV Camping Resort on the central Oregon coast. The journey took nine hours and I arrived tired but thrilled to finally be in the Pacific Northwest. In hindsight, I wouldn’t drive those distances in the future. But, growing up in Washington, the Pacific Northwest has always been what I consider ‘home’ and I wanted desperately to be back.

I stayed at the campground for close to two weeks. Pacific city RV is part of the Thousand Trails system and sits just north of Pacific City across the street from the ocean and tucked amid thousands of towering spruce trees. It was a beautiful location and my favorite spot thus far. I woke to foggy mornings that burned off into sunny afternoons.


My days were spent exploring the coastline with Yiska in one hand and my camera in the other. Watching Yiska navigate waves for the first time was amusing. It was a dance back and forth, with ears up as he leapt forward into the waters edge, and then tail tucked as he was chased back out with each wave. Turning, he’d try again and again. And then, he discovered the seagulls. To see him in full sprint, on a wide open beach, was a thrill.



Grace, my niece, lives in Salem, Oregon and joined me towards the end of my two week stay. She and her fiancé, Cameron, needed engagement photo’s and I was happy to do a photo session with them. They were the perfect subjects, willing to do whatever I asked and adding ideas of their own to the mix.


Cameron needed to head back home for work, but Grace stayed with me a few nights and became my first sleepover guest. It was cramped, but in a fun way. We stayed up late talking and getting caught up on life and our dreams for the future. During the day we drove up the coast and visited several little towns, stopping for lunch and shopping. Yiska laid at our feet and watched the tourists pass by, pleased to be a part of the activities.

My next destination was Olympia, Washington and Grace helped me break camp and hook up the trailer. It was nice to show her what I’d learned and I realized I had become much more confident in my skills. I dropped her off on in Salem before heading north to my sister’s home.


12 thoughts on “Emerging and the Pacific NW

  1. Margaret Ann Adams

    So exciting to have you writing again, and about the coast, also dear to me, with many memories of my nine years in Oregon. The first year was when I was still with my original family. My dad went there on a sabbatical to start his doctorate, and I was doing my freshman year. Five years later Doug and I and Tim moved there for Doug to do his graduate work, and with the addition of Janet, stayed for eight years. Our getaways to the coast were special occasions.
    Love, Margaret Ann


  2. Rita Rector

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new portrait!! Waiting to hear what your new life plan is. Looks like the Egg has become a vacation vehicle.

    XOXO, my dear friend, Rita


  3. Your compositions, both photo and written, are excellent. Glad to see that you are finally catching up with your travels. Sam

    *Hakuna Matata*


    On Sat, Dec 3, 2016 at 11:14 AM, Sarandipity Travels wrote:

    > Sarandipity Travels posted: “”Emerging”, a self portrait by Sara Therese A > butterfly flits across my path and I catch my breath. Then, another appears > and they dance the joy of free spirits. Souls entwined in a moment that is > both fleeting and forever. “I’ve missed you,” I whisp” >


  4. Cinandjules (da zone)

    Oh what fun for all! Glad you are doing well! I understand the feeling of wanting to get somewhere! Nine hours is a tremendous amount of time to travel from point a to b! Congrats to your niece….what lovely photos! Your description of Yiska playing with the waves…made me smile! Enjoy


  5. Linda Kaplan

    Hi Sara

    This is Linda, the volunteer from the Cancer Center. What a joyous and spiritual journey you have made. Thank you for letting me share it with you. Have a very merry Christmas and a blessed new year.


  6. When I looked at your picture of your rollnhome in the forest I have two perspectives of the same picture. The first was looking at the close up focusing on the camper at the camp site and thinking solitude. The second was looking at the camper, but from a longer viewpoint and thinking how small against the large trees surrounding the campsite.

    Fantastic shot.


  7. Serene Rein

    You may not be impressed but this is the first “blog” I have ever read. Yours, I am certain, was the best introduction to the species. Thank you for sharing. Now I fully understand what you are offering Margaret Ann, quite different in character from what my assumptions had been.

    Marvel in the day, Sara. Serene


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