Outside Restoration and Renovations Finished!

Back in January, I shared the finished renovations to the inside of my Escape 17′ fiberglass trailer, seen here. When I sit inside and look around, I’m filled with pride and love for the beautiful interior because all the personal touches make it feel like a home. My home.

But, I didn’t have that same feeling about the outside. Sarandipity was built in 2005 and the exterior looked a bit worn after 11 years. The pin striping decals, that were once silver, had faded into a brown crackled mess. The white of the fiberglass was oxidized and dull and the chassis, once black, was now grey with age. The plastic accessories, such as the vent for the stove had yellowed from the sun. Suffice it to say, I wanted to love the outside as much as the inside.

Then, I met Ryan (of Liberty RV Parts and Service, Tucson, Arizona). While working with him to fix a few things, I mentioned my thoughts about updating the outside. We did some brainstorming and he helped me figure out how to approach the renovation and restoration, knowing my ultimate goal was to have it look new and somewhat unique.

The perfect opportunity to do the work came while I was house and pet sitting for my parents this week. I dropped it off with Ryan, and he spent days (and some nights) taking care of every little detail we discussed.

Here are the restoration and renovations done:

  • Faded and cracked pin stripe decals removed.
  • Band of paint to match SUV placed where decals used to be.
  • Fiberglass buffed and waxed to remove oxidation and make it shiny again.
  • Dings from rocks repaired and then rock guard spray in front and back (truck bed lining material).
  • Replaced light by door.
  • Yellowed plastic cover for stove vent replaced, along with all other faded/aged plastic accessories on outside (door holder, bubble levels, etc.)
  • Welded new sway control in place on tongue.
  • Sealed all windows and vents (one of the windows had a leak so decided to seal all openings).
  • Sealed doorway with new rubber and foam to fix large gaps when door was closed.
  • Painted chassis with fresh black.
  • Replaced rubber bumper detail around middle.
  • Replaced lines and connections running to battery.

I believe there may be a few things I’m forgetting. But, basically, it looks brand new and is ‘unique to me’, just as I had hoped. And the fact that it matches my SUV is icing on the cake.

Now when I see the outside, I love it as much as the inside.  And knowing it’s not just cosmetic work, but also updates to important maintenance issues, gives me peace of mind.

0617161325 copy
Faded, brown, and cracking decals. The old silver color can be seen in a few spots.

Some before and after images:

before after 3 copy

before after 2 copy

before after 1 copy

before after 4

Picking her up at the shop was like Christmas morning:


Bringing her back ‘home’ to the RV park.  I can’t wait to show my neighbors.



Front view, showing off that fabulous black rock guard.


So… what’s next?

The only thing left to do is get new tires, have the ball bearings packed, check the brakes, and generally make sure it’s safe and road ready for next Saturday!


43 thoughts on “Outside Restoration and Renovations Finished!

  1. Dear Ms. Counting The Days: Your pictures are GREAT! Blessings upon you and Sarandipity! (and Yiska!) Sam and PJ

    * “The miracle is this — the more we share, the more we have.” Leonard Nimoy*


    On Fri, Jun 24, 2016 at 2:18 PM, Sarandipity Travels wrote:

    > Sarandipity Travels posted: “Back in January, I shared the finished > renovations to the inside of my trailer here. When I sit inside and look > around, I’m filled with pride and love for the beautiful interior because > all the personal touches make it feel like a home. My home. But, I d” >


  2. Margaret Ann

    Beautiful job! I can see you now, driving off in your made-for-each-other total unit. Best wishes. Our thoughts, best wishes, and affirmations will be with you all the way. And we look forward to your photos and blogs.
    Love, Margaret Ann, Doug, Tim


  3. Pat and Linda

    Sara ,real love the changes to the exterior of your trailer . Actually very cool ! Hope you are feeling well . Glad you got to get some shade . It is very hot here too ,in California .really can’t do much until the evening . Now we are having humid weather to boot . Take care . Sincerely Pat and Linda


    1. Thanks, Pat and Linda. I’m feeling better and better! I sometimes think back and realize how far I’ve come and how fortunate I am. I’ll be going through California, but decided to stay in the mountains for the first few stops to avoid the heat. I’ve had enough of it here in Tucson to last a lifetime. Stay cool you two. And thanks for all the wonderful comments along the way.


  4. Sarah Dufault

    Looks great, Sara!
    If you find yourself in Lancaster, PA, you can meet 3 APL warriors in different stages of survival.

    Enjoy your travels!



    1. Wow, 3 APL warriors? It would be wonderful to have our own get together. I haven’t met anyone in person that’s had APL. But the support group online has been amazing. I’ll look forward to seeing you when I head to PA. It’s on my bucket list!


  5. Beautiful! You’re a brave and courageous woman! It’ll be fun to follow you as you hit the road.
    This morning my husband commented (after talking to our neighbor whose wife is now disabled but they are in their 16th year as full timers), about the only thing that would take us off the road is a serious illness. I honestly think this lifestyle could help you heal!!! So go for it and keep smiling, blogging, taking those pics and enjoy the ride!


    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I am doing this extended “walk about” to heal my mind and body. I call it my reset button. I think we all need to occasionally stir things up and get excited about an adventure, regardless of what it is. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Kathy

    The entire renovation is totally fabulous! We’ve ordered a brand new 19′ Escape (due Jan. 23rd, 2017), but honestly I think yours looks better than our brand new one will. You’ve given us lots of ideas for how we want to customize our new rig too. Happy traveling!


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