4/52 Self-Portrait Photography Challenge

Last year I did a lot of light painting with long exposure images.  I did both night photography outside, as well as setting up a dark room with my subject – some sort of still life.  While the shutter was open (from 10-30 seconds) I then ‘painted’ the light on the area I wanted highlighted using a flash light or head lamp.

I wanted to use the same concept with my portrait today, so I used a flashing light, dark room, and long exposure to capture this image.  I was hoping for a ghostly, somewhat blurred effect so I changed posing positions during the long exposure.

Flashing light; Dark room; 20 sec; f/3.5; ISO 100; Sigma 105mm macro

4/52 Self Portrait © Sara Therese Moore 2016

7 thoughts on “4/52 Self-Portrait Photography Challenge

  1. Margaret Ann

    Writing your process is such a good idea! I know nothing about photography ….I just point and press….and it is very interesting to me for you to share your process. And the outcome is another version of your beautiful face!


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