Inside “Egg” Renovations Finished!

She’s finished!   Renovations of my 2005 fiberglass Escape 17B travel trailer (affectionately named “Sarandipity”)  began in August and finished today.  I’m now much closer to my tiny house dream.  The plan is to live full time in all 90 sq. ft. of her, while traveling North America.  All changes were done with “this is my home” in mind.

I’ll be doing a more extensive post – or maybe several – with before, during, and after shots explaining all of the details of the renovation.  But today was about celebrating the final product.  If you’d like to see some before shots, along with the specs, you can go here to the sales page that started all of this for me.

Back double bed converted to u-shaped lounge area.
Walls painted a light turquoise/robin’s egg blue, wood painted a yellow/orange, and ceiling a stark white.
Custom cushions professionally upholstered to fit the new U-shaped area.  Designed to be wide enough for a second twin bed.
Counter tops were made using real copper with a self-leveling epoxy finish. Sink is a large, handcrafted copper bowl, purchased in Mexico.
New, 8000 BTU air conditioner for the Arizona heat. Fridge door is made of the same copper and epoxy finish as the counter tops.
The view looking towards the front.  My twin bed is in this area, along with the bathroom on the left and closet on the right.
This is where a small two person dinette used to be.  The space under the bed has been enclosed (front panel removable) and hydraulic lifts put in for easy access under the mattress.  My twin bed still needs a nice decorative comforter, but I love the thick memory foam mattress.  Crochet butterfly pillow was lovingly made by my sister, Diana.
My new custom pantry built into unused space by the door!  I may be most excited about this, as it gives me loads of room for groceries.
The pantry has adjustable shelving.
My desk is another custom built item.  It flips up and uses the otherwise empty space in front of the door.  It also provides a nice large surface for food prep or art projects.
New shelves in my closet assembled with piano hinges so that one side can fold out of the way and open half the space for hanging items.

27 thoughts on “Inside “Egg” Renovations Finished!

  1. Laura Pervier

    STUNNING AND THEN SOME!!!! You did some most excellent work in your trailer. Did you tint the vinyl wall or is it just a reflection from the cushions? it looks blue in areas where the cushions aren’t, though, so I wasn’t sure. LOVE the color of the cushions. You could start a side business with those pantries! Did you do that yourself? As I said, JUST STUNNING! When do you get to start traveling around in it?


  2. Barb

    The Pantry and desk are a fabulous use of space. Only challenge with desk…it has to be cleaned up all the time. I still do not have my FG, but I will keep in mind those wonderful ideas.



  3. Margaret Ann

    You made the most of every inch!!! I am wondering if 90 sq ft is 10×9. That would be easy measurements. It’s very cute and you seem to have thought of everything. How exciting!
    Love, Margaret Ann


  4. Michael Hills

    Living the dream Sara. I love your new little home. You have made a fantastic job. You will be as snug as a bug in a rug! Your forthcoming adventures have spurred me on for our first ‘caravan’ outing this year! 🙂 x


  5. james norman

    You really made some nice modifications, very nice. Please post more info on the Escape Forum as to who did what and what sources for materials. Glad you are feeling ready to camp….


  6. Brilliant. Evidently someone listened to you and had your personality in mind when designing. This reads Sara all over it. I love all the homey touches, especially the butterfly pillow made by your sister. I love how you fit so many practical workspaces into the area. I just know they will all come in handy for your art. OK, so you are ready. Let’s get those treatments behind you and hit the road. I know how exciting this is for you and I will just think of the phrase…Coming to a town near you….


  7. Kathy

    Wow! Love your mods. We were just up to the Escape factory looking at all their trailers. We are drawn to the 17B because of its small size and layout. Your mods have given us much food for thought as to how we could modify one of our own. I especially love your u-shaped sitting area and the pantry by the entry door. Hoping you will soon be on the road in your beautiful little home!


  8. Kristin Carson Loehrmann

    I can’t wait to see more furnished pix! That copper sink is divine. The pantry is perfection. I want to see the bathroom. 🙂


  9. kudra42gmailcom

    I love your “Egg”. We have an RV which I want to renovate. It will be our temp home when we move to Shasta Co. Tiny houses are awesome.


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  11. Hi Sarah, I have been reading many of your posts this morning about your travels and trailer. you are a talented writer and photographer. I will be getting an escape this May and I am already wanting to remodel, even though I will be getting a new one.I have been considering painting the cabinets and was wondering what type of prep and paint you used and was wondering if it was holding up well. Also how did you paint the vinyl walls and with what kind of paint?


  12. Tamara

    Sara: Absolutely beautiful. I love it. Just curious. Have you been able to install a screen door or an adaptation of a screen door? We have an older 17 B Escape and I would love to be able to install extra storage, but I am afraid I may have to give up my screen door. Any thoughts?
    Thank you,



    1. Hi Tamara. No, I didn’t end up installing a screen door. I looked into it with a carpenter, but it was going to be a huge ordeal because of the shape of the door/entry so I decided to figure it out down the road (pun intended, lol). I just haven’t gotten around to it since.


  13. Marla

    Hello Sara – I posted on your FB page too but not sure the best way to reach you…anyway, I LOVE your custom Escape and want to do some updating to our 19′. What type of paint did you use on the cabinetry and the vinyl walls? How is it holding up? Thank you!


    1. Hi Marla. If I remember correctly, a good quality primer was sprayed on both the cabinets and walls first (I think we used Kilz) and then a high quality interior paint was sprayed (a couple very thin coats). It’s holding up well.


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