2/52 Self-Portrait Photography Challenge

This is a satirical take on my ‘mound of medication’.   I often find myself laughing about it because I don’t even like taking aspirin!

To emphasize the meds and minimize me, I shot very close up and used a 20mm wide angle lens.  This creates a slight distortion and emphasizes what’s closest in the frame.

2/52 Self-Portrait © Sara Therese Moore 2016

8 thoughts on “2/52 Self-Portrait Photography Challenge

  1. I like the “serious” look on your face. You are going to have so much fun with this challenge. We’ll have fun viewing them.
    I may just surprise you and send you a watercolor soon. (No deadline on this. I have to finish one from the Grand Canyon trip that I sketched. From Don’s house in Parks, Az. The painting will be from memory.) I’ll take a shot with my cell.


  2. Margaret Ann

    Oh, Sara…….that’s a lot of medication. I hope it isn’t all taken daily. I’m glad to see one blue eye, and your hair. I’m asking the Universe to send you healing energy continuously.
    Margaret Ann


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