1/52 Self-Portrait Photography Challenge

My previous post talked about taking risks in life, embracing change and setting goals.  Here’s an excerpt that explains one of my resolutions:

“For photography, I chose the scariest of all challenges: a 52 week, self-portrait project.  Maybe this wouldn’t be scary for others, but for me: EEEK!  So why do it?  I want to push myself further as an artist, and it will take creativity to come up with 52 different ways to portray myself and my life.  Being uncomfortable in front of the camera tells me I need to work on my self-concept.  I want to better understand what my subjects feel when they come face to face with my lens.  And lastly, it will be a way of documenting this challenging, change-filled year.”

I’ll post my weekly self-portrait to the blog (as well as Facebook) and give a brief description of the concept behind it.   And now… presenting…

1/52 Self-Portrait Challenge: “Looking to the Future”

1/52 Self-Portrait © Sara Therese Moore 2016

I wanted to play with light and dark and how they represent life.  While editing this image, I saw more sadness than I meant to portray.   When I shot it, I was feeling contemplative.  But, there you have it.   My hope is that as the year progresses, my images will also reflect joy, health, fun, and love.  Above all else, I’d like them to be honest.


14 thoughts on “1/52 Self-Portrait Photography Challenge

  1. Jaydeen

    I was on the fiberglass trailer forum today and remembered your postponement of your full time trailer travels. I was touched by your words in your blog that I had read at that time. Today I found your blog again and read all of your words and thoughts since your diagnosis. Again you have touched my heart. It’s strange because I have contemplated facing similar scenarios all of my life. Since I was very young. I always felt that I would be very calm. The irony is that I am extremely healthy and happy and have never lost anyone that is very close to me yet. I say yet because I have the most wonderful, smart and loving 94 year old mother.
    I will continue to read your blog. I love your way with your words. Something I really admire. I don’t have that talent. I wish you a journey to good health and hope to see pictures when you are traveling in your trailer.


    1. I’m flattered that you would find my blog again and get caught up on my story. I’m also happy to hear that you’ve never had to deal with loss or sickness. Isn’t that the best gift you could be given in life?! You definitely have longevity in your family if your mom is going strong at 94. She sounds amazing.
      Thanks for following along with my journey. It’s nice to know that supportive people like yourself are there as I head down the road into 2016.


  2. Jill

    Sara I found you on the Escape forum and have been following your blog ever since, always wanting to write some words of encouragement but getting distracted before doing so. Wow you are a warrior!! Your approach to the cancer and your goals for the year while under that duress amaze me. In addition to being a great write you are one strong woman! I am in awe. I am looking forward to your every post and very much look forward to the day when we will meet at a campground or rally somewhere. I know I won’t comment on every post but please know that I am there with you, cheering you on your cancer journey. Somehow “cheering you on” doesn’t sound right but I hope you know what I mean.


  3. Aloha Sara, i think your off to a very honest start, there is a real sense of beginning a journey you are not sure of. Your expression is one of contemplation of the unknown but without an air of hopelessness, I will be praying for you as you move forward.


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