I Ordered Fish and Got a T-bone(d).

I wiggle and shimmy the wooden box into the opening, and in the end, my son’s ashes fit snuggly inside my olive colored purse. It’s Valentine’s Day, and the 13th angel-versary of his passing.  A few week’s ago my parents invited me to lunch with a casual, “and feel free to bring Shawn along” thrown … Continue reading I Ordered Fish and Got a T-bone(d).

There’s more than one way to tell a story…

It's dark when I pull into my garage.  In an effort to make only one trip inside, I grab my purse, coffee mug, cell phone, and a large box full of borrowed treasures.  Yiska jumps and dances around me, excited to be let in as I rest the box on my hip and drop my mug … Continue reading There’s more than one way to tell a story…

What’s She Doing Now?! (hint: NOT full-time RVing)

  I feel as though I owe my readers an explanation.  After all the hullabaloo and rigmarole in preparation of living in my tiny trailer, it only lasted 5 months.  I spent two months living in the trailer here in Arizona to work out the kinks before spending three months on the road.  I travelled … Continue reading What’s She Doing Now?! (hint: NOT full-time RVing)

Doing a 365 Challenge (again)

This is my second 365 photography project.  I did one in 2014 and it was the best thing I've done to grow my skills and feed my soul.  Being creative each day is my form of meditation and I walk away from an art piece feeling rejuvenated.  In 2016, I thought I was ready to attempt … Continue reading Doing a 365 Challenge (again)

Emerging and the Pacific NW

"Emerging", a self portrait by Sara Therese A butterfly flits across my path and I catch my breath. Then, another appears and they dance the joy of free spirits. Souls entwined in a moment that is both fleeting and forever. “I’ve missed you,” I whisper, before they are gone. *** The butterfly is a symbol … Continue reading Emerging and the Pacific NW

Turtle Beach and Shasta Lake

One of the joys of living long enough to see the next generation into adulthood is learning about the people they’re becoming as adults.  For this reason, I’ve spent the last month coordinating my travels to coincide with the locations of several young family members.  My first ‘family reunion’ stop was in Shasta Lake to … Continue reading Turtle Beach and Shasta Lake

Rancho Oso and Lessons Learned along the Way

In an effort to stay out of the heat and use my Thousand Trails RV park membership to it’s fullest, I mapped my trip through southern California to include two high elevation stops: Idyllwild above Palm Springs, and Rancho Oso above Santa Barbara.  The drive from Idyllwild (blog post here) to Rancho Oso is approximately … Continue reading Rancho Oso and Lessons Learned along the Way

On the road, at last… (Idyllwild, California)

I open my eyes and tap the top of my watch, activating a blue glow that reads 2:07 am. The house is quiet - my parents asleep. We’d said our goodbyes the night before, and I remember the image of my dad, tucked into bed like a small boy, as I said goodnight and he … Continue reading On the road, at last… (Idyllwild, California)